Rooms and laboratories


It’s a large, semi-circular room on the ground floor which can host over 200 people. It’s equipped with a video system and a grand piano. It’s used for conferences, meetings, shows and concerts. Moreover, this is where staff, students and parents hold their assemblies.


They are semi-circular lecture theatres where up to 50 people can follow lessons, hold assemblies or attend conferences. There’s one of them on each floor, equipped with a projector and wooden tip-up seats. They have been recently restored and are really appreciated by our students.


On the ground floor there is a fully equipped, sound proof music studio. It’s used by students to practise instruments, sing and rehearse for concerts without disturbing lessons or activities.


There are three of them, where students can do different sports (volleyball, basketball, badminton, five-a-side..). They have locker rooms and bathrooms and include standard equipment such as a Swedish framework, a vaulting horse, mattresses…)


Our historic library preserves and provides access to over 16,000 volumes, part of which were bequeathed by former teachers and students. Its catalogue, which is being digitized, includes several volumes dating from the 1600s and 1700s, precious editions, collections and prints. Students can spend their afternoons in the large reading room and research for their individual or group projects under the supervision of volunteer parents. All books are on loan, except historic and valuable texts.