What we do


These words are taken from a famous Latin dictum (Faber est suae quisque fortunae) which means that everyone is responsible for their own fortunes.

At Parini, besides regular class lessons, you can choose from a variety of extra courses open to students from different classes. We call them Faber Quisque courses because each student can decide how to expand their curriculum. In some cases, these courses are recommended by the teachers to help students consolidate knowledge and skills. You sign in for faber courses on-line.

All faber courses, attended by a maximum of 15 students, are task-based and held by different teachers; their aim is to expand knowledge, strengthen abilities and suit the students’ interests, talents, desires and needs.

The length of regular lessons has been reduced to 50 minutes so that time could be allocated for faber courses, which last 50 minutes as well.

Classes finish not later than 1.30 pm and faber courses can precede or follow them depending on the day and on the weekly schedules.

Sample timetable:

Entrance from 7:45 to 8:00

1st class or faber course

2nd class

First break

3rd class

4th class

Second break

5th class or faber courses

6th class or faber courses

Lunch break

Faber courses